Artemis Heritage offers wide-ranging experience of managing change, interpreting architectural significance, locating examples of contemporary art in ecclesiastical settings, and researching grant aid organisations.  We can help parishes to:

1.     Make changes to church buildings;

2.     Understand the significance of your church buildings;

3.     Develop a conservation management plan;

4.     Commission and install new works of art; and

5.     Understand where to find funding for projects.

Parishes benefit from using our expertise in developing projects for change or for conservation of their buildings.  It might be light touch advice given over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting on site.  A lengthier piece of commissioned work might follow on from a site visit, leading to a Statement of Significance and an assessment of the impact on the building’s fabric of any proposals for change.

For more information:


Telephone:  0118 969 2132